New Anti-McGinty Ad Suggests She’ll Kidnap Your Kids

Katie McGinty wants to steal your children (so she can tax them) in the latest U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad. Really!

It’s only June, but I can’t imagine anything tops the Pat ToomeyKatie McGinty Senate race in TV commercial quality. First, we had a Democratic PAC and its weird anti-Toomey ad featuring kittens and a litter box. Then, we had an anti-McGinty ad that featured some tremendous overacting and a horrible depiction of a cheesesteak.

Actually, minutes after the primary race ended, we had attack ads on both sides of the race. The McGinty and Toomey camps both slammed negative ads launched against their respective candidates, including one that featured a McGinty impersonator wearing a fur coat.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the country’s largest lobbying group based on spending, yesterday released yet another ad. I have to admit, their commercials sure are eye-catching.

Jimmy running away - animated GIF

They’re also ridiculous. This one posits that Katie McGinty is so dedicated to taxing energy that she’s going to literally capture children and take them into custody in order to tax them. That’s the point, no? Otherwise, that mom wouldn’t tell Jimmy to “run!” and he wouldn’t act so scared and run away.

“I can’t believe how much energy they have,” one mom says of a couple of children playing. The other replies: “Shhh, don’t say that. Have you seen how Katie McGinty tries to tax energy?” They then explain some previous McGinty energy tax policy proposals. Then McGinty herself shows up (say the word “energy” and she appears, I guess), steps out of a limo, and begins chasing these children to kidnap.

We are about one step away from an ad where a McGinty impersonator dresses like a witch. (This election season is good for struggling actresses who look like Katie McGinty.) Rob Engstrom, senior vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, tweeted yesterday the ad was “another U.S. Chamber ad pounding Katie McGinty’s complete record of failure. Weakest Sen candidate in U.S.”

'Run Jimmy' says this mom GIF

“Frankly, this ad looks like the product of a weird, late-night brainstorming session gone awry at the Chamber of Commerce,” said McGinty spokesperson Sean Coit. “No matter where it came from, though, Pat Toomey’s allies are clearly grasping at straws if their best idea is a convoluted, creepy ad like this one. But hey, it’s their money.”

Her website does have an energy policy:

As the former Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, I understand the importance of protecting our environment and investing in a clean energy economy.

Climate change presents a serious global threat to our health, economic well-being and national security. In the Senate, I will lead the way to a healthier and safer environment by working to pass commonsense climate protections with investments in energy efficiency and clean energy.

It is time to start moving towards a clean energy economy. We need to harness our renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, to create good jobs and cut electricity bills for taxpayers. In the Senate, I will support innovations in clean energy technologies and tax incentives that will level the playing field to move our country towards a clean energy future.

There’s nothing in there about stealing children, if you were expecting to find it.

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