Pro-Pat Toomey Ad Has Atrocious Cheesesteak Depiction

The United States Chamber of Commerce does not know how to put Cheez Whiz on a steak, clearly.

It’s only June, but the airways are already full of ads in the U.S. Senate race between Republican incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty. Last week, we explored an anti-Pat Toomey ad that included shots of two kittens and a litter box.

This week, we have an even weirder ad, this one from a group supporting Toomey. The United States Chamber of Commerce, the largest lobbying group in the country, has begun running an ad titled “Cheesesteak” on local networks. It depicts a fake focus group.

And it’s bonkers. Roll Call called it “cheesy.” It opens with a choice between two cheesesteak toppings: Whiz and silly string.

Cheesesteak whiz

Who the hell made this cheesesteak?! That’s an atrocious use of whiz topping. I prefer American on my steaks, but I appreciate a good cheesesteak slathered in whiz once in a while. But if you offered me a whiz steak that looked like this, I think I’d take the silly string.

Then comes the comparison between a ham sandwich and a hamster sandwich. Check out the one “focus group” participant’s reaction.

Reaction in Toomey ad

I haven’t seen an extra react like that since the Unclaimed Diamonds commercial.

Then, of course, we get a comparison between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty. Toomey is portrayed as a bipartisan leader, while McGinty is a “divisive politician.”


First off, that “largest tax hike in Pennsylvania” history claim is a little misleading. The tax hike plan was accompanied by a large school property tax cut.

But, second: What kind of focus group is this? I get it’s just an ad, but it’s completely nonsensical. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends more than any other group on lobbying, and this is the best they can come up with for their ad?

“In queso trouble, Pat Toomey always relies on Wall Street cheddar. It whiz a ham-handed attack, but they bleu it,” Democratic strategist Preston Maddock told Roll Call. “Feta luck next time.” The Chamber says the ad is part of a seven-figure ad buy, and will be running on broadcast and cable channels in Philly. So we’ll be seeing that awful cheesesteak many, many more times.

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