DJ Carl Michaels Presents Pool Party Classics

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Have you ever seen wanted to recreate Ibiza by your pool? Do you long for fabulous days spent in a lounge chair somewhere on South Beach with $22 drinks and beautiful people? Whether your answer is yes or no, there’s no mistaking the sublime feeling that house music can create while sunning, swimming, or just lounging poolside with an umbrella drink…whether you are in a Mediterranean paradise or Voorhees, New Jersey.

Don’t believe me? I’ll attempt to convince you with a definitive playlist of 70 songs for your pool parties, just in time to wind up your summer with some sublime, uplifting, laid-back beats to satisfy your crankiest party guest. Sit back and relax!

Oh, and for those who want a playlist of stuff you’ve heard of…you can just make your own, right? I had a friend say he doesn’t read my top tens because “it’s just a bunch of stuff I have never heard of.” I’m here to open your minds, people!

Below are my top ten poolside jams, but make sure to subscribe to the playlist on Spotify for my full list which I will keep updating.

Basement Jaxx – Samba Magic

Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe have been shaping their own signature sound for decades, pushing the boundaries of house music, ultimately creating some of the most sonically interesting dance music in the history of the genre. Samba Magic emanates pure joy from start to finish. If you can’t shake your ass to this bass line, you aren’t alive. You’re dead.

Aquanote – Nowhere (Gabriel’s Drop 4 Mix)

OM Records out of San Francisco was at the forefront of the sophisticated deep house sound throughout the 2000s. This one was a standout track, perfectly soothing for relaxing days by the pool.

Julien Jabre – Swimming Places

It may sound repetitive if you’re used to three minute pop songs, but this French house masterpiece is ten minutes of pure summer bliss. You’ll understand when the sun is shining and you’re frolicking by the pool. It’s the perfect soundtrack.

Nick Holder – Summer Daze 

What kind of new age douche samples Pat Metheny? The one with a brilliant ear for music, that’s who. Canadian producer Nick Holder shattered expectations with this seminal summer anthem years ago and it’s still played at elegant soirees the world over.

Afro Medusa – Pasilda

When this record came out in the year 2000, I may have been responsible for making the entire Eastern seaboard never want to hear it again. This track works anywhere at anytime, but it is undeniably summertime with it’s festive Latin instruments and joyous vocals.

Q Burns Abstract Message – This Time (Riviera Rotation Mix)

More sublime summertime house music from Florida’s Q Burns Abstract Message. This one combines airy instrumentation with sexy yet whimsical vocals, making it the perfect combination for a Miami pool party with overpriced margaritas.

Moloko – Sing It Back

Moloko is the freshman project of Roisin Murphy, the mysterious and tortured vocalist behind “Ramalama.” However, you can’t take the Europe away from her; She somehow found time to record upbeat anthems to supplement your summertime chicanery.

Kaskade – It’s You, It’s Me

Before Kaskade was playing megatrance for mollied-up bros in the desert, he created sultry house music that shined in deep house clubs around the world. This is one of this prettiest tracks, a love song for the days you sit by the pool and dream you aren’t doomed to being single.

Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (Derrick May’s Illusion First Mix)

From 1992, it’s the Derrick May mix of this Italian house classic that really made it soar. More than eleven minutes of bliss, all courtesy of one of the most arrogant jerks in dance music. Well, it’s still pretty.

Bah Samba – Reach Inside

Some damn feel-good house music here to dance or lounge. This is perfect.

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