2014: The Biggest Losers of Philadelphia

From Cosby to cabs to Eagles fans.

Parents love to tell their kids that there are no losers, only winners. Of course, all of the right-thinking people of the world know that this is total B.S. Here, the biggest losers in the Philadelphia region in 2014. (Don’t worry, we have the Biggest Winners covered, too.)

Philly Cabs

Thanks to UberX, the unkempt, unhelpful and unruly cab drivers of Philadelphia are finally having their asses handed to them. Naturally, the cab companies are suing, since that’s a much easier route than cleaning up their act.

Kathryn Knott

Yeah, the two guys charged with her in the Center City gay bashing are losers, too, but Knott’s entitled, homophobic, and otherwise compromising social media profile stuck the needle in her arm in the court of public opinion.

Tom Corbett

January 20th can’t come soon enough.

Philly Sports Fans

Can it get any worse? Don’t ask.

Seamus McCaffery

Well, that’s one way to learn that you’re not supposed to exchange porn with colleagues via email.

Atlantic City

Four casinos and nearly 10,000 jobs gone, just like that.


Photos like this one must just drive the gay-haters crazy.

Bad Tippers

We’re looking at you, LeSean McCoy and UPenn jerks. For those of you that didn’t get the memo: 20 percent.

4th of July

Nicki Minaj and friends turned our family holiday into an f-bomb-filled embarrassment. But, hey, at least no one was shot.

South Philadelphia Residents

The natural, gritty beauty of South Philly continues to be eroded, this time by a terrible casino project.

Bill Cosby

From “America’s Dad” to alleged serial rapist. Bravo, Dr. Huxtable. Bravo.


From the Swiss Cheese Pervert (pictured) to Jillian Tate, this has been a banner year for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fodder.