Atlantic City Region Lost Nearly 10,000 Jobs in Last Year

And that's with the Taj still open.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest labor force numbers, and the news for Atlantic City isn’t good.

According to the data provided by the government, the Atlantic City region, which includes Atlantic City and Hammonton, lost 9,900 jobs in the last year, said to be the biggest rise in unemployment in Atlantic County in a quarter of a century. Not counting farm jobs, it’s also the largest loss among the more than 300 metropolitan areas that the bureau analyzed.

The four casino closings have, of course, been the largest contributor to the unemployment numbers, responsible for approximately 8,000 of the 9,900 jobs lost. And with the Trump Taj Mahal possibly closing this month, that would be another 3,000 jobs down the drain.