The Best Seats in Philadelphia

best seats philly philadelphia

Our insider’s guide to the very best seats in Philadelphia / Illustrations by Melissa McFeeters

We as Americans spend a lot of time sitting — something like seven or eight hours a day on average, according to the CDC. Which probably means that for the most part, we’re not giving it much thought.

So maybe you’ve never considered which seat on SEPTA will make your ride better. Or how to make the most of your nosebleeds at the Linc, or which barstool at Bob & Barbara’s is the best barstool. Or maybe you have thought about it and just don’t know: How do you get a seat at Zahav on a Saturday night? Where would Kate Scott sit at a Sixers game if she weren’t announcing?

We unveil these seat secrets and more, all so you might get the most out of your concert, your game, your dinner, your day at the park. So read up. Settle in. Take a load off. We’ll help.

The Best Seats in Stadiums & Arenas

best seats philadelphia

From secret seats to fan favorites — and from chaos with Gritty to shouting yourself hoarse with the Sons of Ben — here are the best seats at Philly sports venues. Keep reading …

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The Best Seats in Theaters & Concert Venues

The 120 Best Seats in Philadelphia

Where can you catch a glimpse of Yannick’s dazzling expressiveness? Or find the “secret seats” at World Cafe Live? We’ve got you covered with our tips, tricks and seat secrets for some of Philly’s favorite concert venues. Keep reading …

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The Best Seats in Restaurants & Bars

Best Seats in Philadelphia

If all the world’s a stage, as Shakespeare once wrote, then restaurants are the backdrops in the plays of our lives. Where we sit during those grand celebrations and quiet victories — tearful goodbyes and unexpected reunions — is key to creating unforgettable moments. Here’s where to sit when you’re setting the stage for different plot points of your life. Keep reading …

>> Plus: An Insider’s Seating Chart for Parc

The Best Seats Out & About & Around Philadelphia

In a city like Philadelphia, finding the perfect spot to sit and relax can feel like striking gold. Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner to read, a peaceful place to shed a tear, or a scenic spot to take in the view, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best seats in the city where you can unwind and enjoy a moment of calm amidst the urban hustle. Keep reading …

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The Best Seats, According to Philadelphia Celebs

We reached out to some notable Philadelphians to discover their favorite spots to sit and soak in the city. From a park bench to a sky-high restaurant table to a simple seat on a SEPTA bus, here’s where they’re sitting. Keep reading …


Published as “The Best Seats in the House” in the July issue of Philadelphia magazine.