Your Guide to the Best Seats at Philly Sports Venues

From secret spots to fan favorites — and from chaos with Gritty to shouting yourself hoarse with the Sons of Ben — here are the best seats at Philly sports venues.

To some, the best seat at a Philly sports venue is with Gritty. / Photograph by Len Redkoles/NHLI/Getty Images

Whether you’re screaming “Go Birds” with your 67,000 closest friends or rooting for the Phils from the upper deck, the perfect seat can make your game-day experience. So, from chaos with Gritty to shouting yourself hoarse with the Sons of Ben, here are the best seats at Philly sports venues.

Where the action is up-close, personal and googly-eyed

Last year, the Flyers transformed section 122 of Wells Fargo into Gritty’s Chaos Corner, where the furry seven-foot-tall mascot holds court. Giant inflatable-tube Grittys (Gritties?) flank the section. Anything can happen; the Orange One’s arsenal includes everything from Silly String to “caking wars.” Fans are instructed to “keep their heads on a swivel.”

Where Sixers play-by-play announcer Kate Scott wants you to sit

“There’s nothing like sitting courtside at Wells Fargo — Tyrese Maxey might actually­ fall into your lap after hitting a three! But I’m partial to the seats near our broadcast perch in section 112. Easy concourse access for food and drinks, great views, and Alaa [Abdelnaby, her broadcasting partner] and I try our best to snag a free t-shirt or two for the folks near us!”

Where you’ll feel like Ted Lasso

Union cognoscenti will tell you that if you can, you should go for seats in the River End section (134-140) at Subaru­ Park, where the semi-rabid Sons of Ben hang out and the opposing team’s colors are verboten.­ Per the Union’s own website: “This section will stand, sing and chant for all 90 minutes of the match.”

best seats philly sports wells fargo center philadelphia

A seat at Adrian gives you a premium view (and meal) for the Sixers and Flyers. / Photograph by Pel Productions for Wells Fargo Center

Where the game comes with a steak

If you’re looking for a higher-end experience at the Wells Fargo Center, score a table at Stephen Starr’s Adrian restaurant. You can get one if you have premium seats (club-level, suite, and Revolutionary Row tickets), or you can add an Adrian membership to your Flyers or Sixers season-ticket plan (starting at $200 per seat). The place sports old-school wood decor and deep red banquettes. It also serves a $95 steak Balboa and $15 cocktails — plus a view of the game.

Where the “real” Flyers fans congregate

Quoth one Philly Mag reporter’s Flyers-obsessed spouse: “I’ve sat everywhere in that arena for hockey, and the seats I now go to every time are section 209, last row. You want the aisle, because nobody is in front of you; it’s the side where the Flyers­ shoot twice; and with that corner view, you can see the benches and line changes and the whole game. It’s also the real fans up there — not rich folks who spend the whole game eating and calmly watching, but invested fans. And that sometimes includes fans of the other team, which can be fun.”

best seats philadelphia philly sports

Best seats for Philly sports: Club-seat holders­ get access to the restaurant inside the Eagles tunnel / Photograph by Steve Boyle

Where you don’t have to cash in your 401(k) to get a decent view of Jalen Hurts

The cheapest seats are upper level­ on an end zone — its own kind of excitement, but you can’t see all of the action, and the goalposts might get in your way. Instead, the best bang for your buck at the Linc is the first few rows of the 200 level, as close to the 50-yard line as possible.

… And where you might

The uncontested MVP seats of the Linc are the 58 nearly impossible-to-get Axalta Tunnel Club seats — literally­ on the field, with Astroturf underfoot and reach-out-and-touch-a-player proximity in the south end zone. Club-seat holders­ get access to the restaurant inside the Eagles tunnel, unlimited food, (top-shelf) drinks and service, pre-kickoff access to the tunnel/field, and VIP access to training camp. For starters. Even fans used to club seats are “blown away,” says ticket-holder Marc Brownstein, whose guests “typically start taking pictures and sending them to their spouses and kids.”

And now, for the Fightins

This year marks the 20th birthday of 42,901-seat Citizens Bank Park — in our view, the best-designed ballpark in the country. The sight-lines are impeccable. The mascot is doing the most. Looking for the most bang for your buck? Or where to sit to catch a foul ball? Or maybe what seats get the most shade? We’ve got you covered. (Literally, in that last case.) Check out our cheat sheet to CBP.

Gear Up: How to Make the Best of Any Seat at Philly Sports Venues

The Jalen Bag

Venues’ policies are hard-core these days — no backpacks, seat cushions or oversize purses. And that’s the perfect excuse to get this cute stadium-approved bag from DyeHardFan. And it’s clear, so you’ll breeze right through security. $30.


A must for those early-season Phillies games and pretty much any Eagles game. (Buy the disposables at hardware stores, drug stores, even DoorDash in a pinch. Or if you actually plan ahead, Amazon has some reusable, rechargeable ones for as little as $10.)

POLDR binoculars

Tiny but mighty, with enough magnification to see the action, even from the nosebleeds. (And they fit in your Jalen bag!) $20.

Hydaway collapsible water bottle

Overpay for a single-use Smartwater bottle … or roll this eco-friendly, highly stowable container into your bag. You can fill it at stadium hydration stations and save your money for Crabfries. $28.

Portable charger

Between texting your friend your food order, posting game shots in your Stories, reading up on the opposing players, and even betting on the game, your phone battery is going to take a beating. Come prepared with backup juice in the form of a one-piece mini charger. (Just make sure to charge the charger, too!)


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Published as “The Best Seats in the House: The Playbook” in the July 2024 issue of Philadelphia magazine.