(Updated) #PHLVotes: City Voters Get to Polls

The best social media about today's election.

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[Update 1:45 p.m.] Even more updates and selfies…

[Update 11 a.m.] More updates and selfies from the world of social media:

I voted. Did you? Get to the polls! #vote #votingday #vsco #vscocam #pennsylvania #philadelphia A photo posted by Elizabeth McTear (@honestalchemyco) on

[Update 9:30 a.m.] More updates and selfies from the world of social media:

Better hurry up and #vote people! Only Spanish stickers left in #Dickinsonsquare ! #philly #phlvotes #election2014

A photo posted by Kendra Lebo (@kendralebo) on

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#ivoted #wolfforpa #myusernameisironicgeorgewbushwasactuallyshit #pagov

A photo posted by Rick “Rockin” Volcano (@georgewbushfan) on

[Original 9 a.m.] Voting has started today, and some of us have had an easy time of it.

I voted – 68th in my precinct, around 8 am. #PHLvotes A video posted by Joel Mathis (@joelmmathis) on

…and others haven’t. Liz Spikol texts us from the field, where she was attempting to vote in Mount Airy:

I’m trying to vote. Went to one polling station and they say I don’t exist. Now I’m on my way to another one. Already lodged a complaint with Seventy about my polling place, which had no way to enter without ringing a doorbell

We’ll update Liz’s status as more info becomes available:

Meanwhile, shenanigans:

And shenanigans of a different sort:

We’ll be updating throughout the day.