Ultimate Guide to Philly Primary Endorsements

Want to know who's endorsed whom in tomorrow's primary? We've got you covered.

Endorsements! We’ve got your endorsements right here. We know this list isn’t exhaustive, so if your favorite endorsing organization isn’t on the list, drop us a line before noon Tuesday — jmathis@phillymag.com — and we’ll add it!

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Democratic Governor: Rob McCord
City Council At Large: Matt Wolfe
Ballot Questions: No on all three.
PA Senate District 4: Art Haywood
PA senate District 2: Thomas Sanchez
8th Congressional District: Shaughnessy Naughton
13th Congressional District: Val Arkoosh (D); Dee Adcock (R)

The Philadelphia Daily News
Democratic Governor: Tom Wolf
Ballot Question 1: Yes
Ballot Question 2: Yes
Ballot Question 3: No

The Philadelphia Tribune
Democratic Governor: Tom Wolf
• U.S. Congress
First District: Robert A. Brady
2nd District: Chaka Fattah
13th District: Val Arkoosh
• State Senate
2nd District: Christine Tartaglione
4th District: Art Haywood
8th District: Anthony Hardy Williams
• State Representative
181st District: W. Curtis Thomas
186th District: Jordan A. Harris
188th District: James R. Roebuck
198th District: Rosita C. Youngblood
200th District: Cherelle L. Parker
203rd District: Dwight Evans

Emily’s List: PA Endorsements
House 181: Emily Rodriguez
House 120: Eileen Cipriani
House 145: Karen Chellew
House 200: Cherelle Parker
House 36: Erin Molchany

Planned Parenthood
Governor: Allyson Schwartz
PA House 166th District: Greg Vitali
PA House 174th District: John Sabatina
PA House 175th District: Michael O’Brien
PA House 179th District: James Clay
PA House 180th District: Angel Cruz
PA House 181st District: W. Curtis Thomas
PA House 182nd District: Brian Sims
PA House 184th District: William Keller
PA House 186th District: Jordan Harris
PA House 188th District: James Roebuck
PA House 190th District: Vanessa Brown
PA House 191st District: Ronald Waters
PA House 192nd District: Louise Bishop
PA House 194th District: Pamela Delissio
PA House 195th District: Michelle Brownlee
PA House 197th District: Jose Miranda
PA House 198th District: Rosita Youngblood
PA House 202nd District: Mark Cohen
PA House 203rd District: Dwight Evans
State Senate District 2: Christine Tartaglione
State Senate District 4: LeAnna Washington
State Senate District 8: Anthony Williams
US House 2nd District: Chaka Fatta

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club
Governor: With a field of several strong candidates, the organization decided to make no endorsement.
Lt. Governor: Mike Stack
• State Senate
Tina Tartaglione: 2nd Senatorial District
Art Haywood: 4th Senatorial District
• State Legislature
Josh Young: 74th Legislative District
Steve McCarter: 154th Legislative District
Billy Smith: 164th Legislative District
Mike O’Brien: 175th Legislative District
Brian Sims: 182nd Legislative District
Jordan Harris: 186th Legislative District
James Roebuck: 188th Legislative District
Ben Ramos: 197th Legislative District
Charelle Parker: 200th Legislative District
Mark Cohen: 202nd Legislative District
• Democratic State Committee
Micah Mahjoubian: 1st Senatorial District
Mary Isaacson: 1st Senatorial District
Sherrie Cohen: 4th Senatorial District
• Special Election for City Council at-Large: Ed Neilson

Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO
• U.S. Representative :
CD 1 – Robert A. Brady (D)
CD 2 – Chaka Fattah (D)
• Pennsylvania State Senate:
SD 2 – Christine M. Tartaglione (D)
SD 4 – Leanna Washington (D)
• Pennsylvania State House of Representatives
HD 172 – Kevin J. Boyle (D)
HD 173 – Dennis Kilderry (D)
HD 179 – James W. Clay Jr. (D)
HD 180 – Angel L. Cruz (D)
HD 181 – W. Curtis Thomas (D)
HD 188 – James R. Roebuck (D)
HD 198 – Rosita C. Youngblood (D)
HD 200 – Cherelle L. Parker (D)
HD 201 – Stephen Kinsey (D)
HD 202 – Mark B. Cohen (D)
• Philadelphia City Council – Special Election At-large: Ed Neilson (D)

AFSCME District Council 47

Philadelphia Democratic City Committee
Governor: Allyson Schwartz
Lt. Governor: Michael Stack
State Senate 2nd District: Christina Tartaglione
State Senate 4th District: Leanna Washington
• PA House of Representatives

• City Council At-Large: Ed Neilson

Philly Americans for Democratic Action
Governor: Robert McCord
Lt. Governor: Mike Stack
US Congress District 8: Kevin Strouse
US Congress District 13: Daylin Leach
PA Senate District 4: Brian Gralnick
PA Representative District 179: Jason Dawkins
PA Representative District 181: Emily Rodriguez
PA Representative District 188: James Roebuck
PA Representative District 197: Ben Ramos