WATCH: Papelbon, Ruiz, Byrd, Hernandez Meticulously Select Their Gloves

And we grade their selections.

Enrico at the 700 Level posted a cool Wilson promotional video featuring Phillies Jonathan Papelbon, Carlos Ruiz, Marlon Byrd (who’s back with the team this year) and Cesar Hernandez (a 23-year-old who hit .289 in 34 games last season if you weren’t paying attention, which you probably weren’t).

With stock music that sounds like it should be backing an instructional house painting video, the players all describe the quirks of their gloves and why it works for them. (Except Hernandez, who doesn’t get any lines.) Let’s rate the four players’ gloves!


Jonathan Papelbon: This glove is fine, if a little boring. The red accenting should be brighter. In the video, Jonathan Papelbon says he’s “not that anal” about his glove. C.


Carlos Ruiz: The black on Chooch’s glove seems much bolder than on Papelbon’s — which makes it much nicer. B+.


Marlon Byrd: This is awesome. Black and grey are a great color combination on sneakers — a subject I actually, unfortunately actually know a lot about, as opposed to baseball gloves — and I’m glad the color scheme carries over. This doesn’t match the Phillies colors, but I don’t care. A.


Cesar Hernandez: Hernandez’s glove has red lacing, which looks awesome and obviously fits with the Phillies red pinstripes. And what a nice young man, shaking the hand of the Wilson representative who re-laced his glove red for him! B+ for the glove, A+ for the attitude.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about the Phillies gloves — and grading pretty easily — today instead of action on the field, well, have you seen their baseball this spring?

[The 700 Level]