Sixers’ Tony Wroten: I Have Best Sneaker Game in NBA

Meanwhile, the 76ers' Evan Turner buys dozens of sneakers he can't wear. He says he goes around town in slippers.

Sneakers are big business, and so it’s no surprise that NBA players — young athletes with lots of disposable income — are into them. In an entertaining New York Times article about NBA sneakerheads, several Sixers come up.

The Sixers’ No. 1 sneakerhead is apparently Tony Wroten, acquired from the Memphis Grizzlies this offseason. Wroten says he has “the best shoe game in the league” and wore 30 different pairs sneakers the first half of the season.

Also mentioned in the article is the Sixers’ Evan Turner, who cycles through 50 pairs of his sneakers a season from his sponsor, Li-Ning. In September he purchased 57 pairs of kicks at Sole Control in one visit; the Daily News‘ Molly Eichel reported then he “was super nice to the staff and knows his sneaker stuff.”

The Times‘ Scott Cacciola writes:

The sneakers in his collection are a different story, and they feature many brands that are not Li-Ning. That can be a problem. Turner said he made the mistake of wearing several of them in public as a younger player, and his sponsor made clear that it was not pleased. So his collection is pretty much off limits to him.

Turner was asked what he wore around town instead.

“Mostly slippers,” he said.

Uh huh.

Ex-Sixer and well-known sneakerhead Nick Young also makes an appearance in the piece, showing off his Nike Kobe 9 Elites.

Photo: Jordan 3 Powder Blues, worn by the author today. I’m generally more of a low-top sneaker guy.