John Hanger, Marijuana Advocate, Drops Out of Governor’s Race

"There is no longer a path to victory in the Democratic primary."

John Hanger, the Democrat best-known for his pro-pot views, has dropped out of the governor’s race. From his press release:

Since there is no longer a path to victory in the Democratic primary, I am withdrawing my candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania. This decision disappoints my great campaign team and me, as well as thousands of our supporters. But we have tried every possible means to find a way to win and so avoid the necessity of making this decision. With no path to victory, to press on could cause damage to the issues and people for which we campaigned.

That was quick: Just five weeks ago, Hanger told Philly Mag his pot-centric campaign had a clear path to victory. “Three hundred thousand votes will win the primary; this issue will get me at least 200,000 of them,” he said then. It didn’t quite turn out that way.