Philly Tech Week to Feature World’s Biggest Tetris Game

On the side of the Cira Centre, again.

Remember last year’s giant game of Pong on the side of the Cira Centre? Philly Tech Week organizers are replicating the feat again this year, only using Tetris. NewsWorks reports:

Letting people play Pong on the Cira Centre was a big hit; why not go even bigger with Tetris?

“One regret that I had was that we only used one side of the building,” said Drexel game-design professor Frank Lee. “This year, I wanted to find a way to use all sides of the building and truly create an aesthetic of a unique and fleeting moment shared by all the people in Philadelphia.”

The bigger-and-better encore for Lee and Philly Tech Week (organized by NewsWorks partner Technically Philly) is scheduled for Friday, April 4.

Should be awesome.