New Gay Visit Philadelphia Ad Could Be Gayer

Visit Philadelphia (VP) has released a new series of images in its recently evolvedWith Love” campaign, that’s now called “Phillyosophy.” The idea behind it, says VP President Meryl Levitz, is to “convey the Philadelphia voice, spirit and attitude, while reflecting Philadelphia’s new confidence.” And not surprisingly, that spirit comes with at least a little twist of gay. One of the campaign posters features a same-sex couple enjoying a conversation by a fire. Their Phillyosophy? “Sometimes the main course has nothing to do with food.”

It’s a cute photo, but the guys — locals Matthew Schuyler (left) and Jermaine Jenkins — could just as easily be good friends. I mean, they’re sitting like a hundred feet apart. The ads featuring hetero couples don’t hold back on their straight-ness. There’s one with a guy and a girl grinding on the dancefloor at Time. Gays grind on dancefloors, too, Visit Philadelphia. And we hold hands in parks, and smooch while walking along cobblestone alleys. Can you capture some of that next time?

Maybe it’ll happen. VP’s Bruce Yelk tells me more gay ads are coming down the road. Gay fingers crossed!