Rick Santorum’s Christmas Movie Is Coming out Friday

Featuring Susan Boyle!

This morning, Rick Santorum was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, promoting a Christian flick called The Christmas Candle. It’s being produced by Echolight Studios, a “faith and family film company” of which he became CEO last summer.  The Christmas Candle features Samantha Barks, one of the actresses from Les Miserables, and throws British singing sensation Susan Boyle into the mix too for a couple songs.

The film tells the story of a progressive minister questioning his faith who comes from London to preach to a small town famous for a magic candle that performs miracles. He also introduces the town to electric light. Yes, the whole grappling with progress thing sounds very much like a project Santorum would be into. If only he could have made the movie using only candlelight…


h/t Daily News