Survivor of 22nd and Market Collapse to Give Deposition

Mariya Plekan, buried under the rubble of the 22nd and Market collapse this past June, lost both her legs and nearly her life. Now, thanks to a decision from common pleas Judge Mark Bernstein, lawyers will be able to get her side of the story in a court-sanctioned deposition.

Judge Bernstein’s latest decision partially reverses his earlier ruling that criminal proceedings be allowed to progress while civil cases were put on the back burner. Plekan is the only witness to the collapse excused from Bernstein’s decision.

Bernstein’s judgement came after Plekan’s legal team presented him a video of her doctors at University of Pennsylvania hospital explaining that her condition is extremely serious. Her attorney, Andrew Stern, though, says Plekan is capable of communicating effectively:

“She is at risk for sudden death. She’s not out of the woods yet,” Stern said. “It’ll be several months before that happens.”

Although Plekan is severely disabled, Stern said, “her brain is normal and her understanding of things is good.”

Bernstein ruled that Plekan may be deposed starting immediately. []