If You Fake A SEPTA Injury, Seth Williams Will Hunt You Down

Be on notice: If you try to make money by faking an injury on SEPTA, D.A. Seth Williams will hunt you down. The Pennsylvania Record reports that 10 people were arrested for insurance fraud last month for making such claims, up from four in all of January and February.

The latest? 46-year-old Sai Min Wang, who has been  charged with insurance fraud, attempted theft by deception, and theft by deception stemming from a 2011 incident in which she claimed to be injured in a bus-on-taxi incident—telling her attorney she’d struck her head on an iron bar in the bus during the collision.

Surveillance video from cameras mounted inside the SEPTA bus at the time showed that no passenger appeared to be injured or disturbed during the incident, the prosecutor’s office announced.

Furthermore, Wang, who had claimed she was asleep at the time, was caught on video speaking on her cellphone and facing forward at the time the bus made contact with the parked taxi cab.

“Wang never hits her head on a seat, pole or metal bar and continues her phone conversation for approximately three minutes,” the D.A.’s news release states. “The video evidence contradicts Wang’s account of the incident and her claims against both SEPTA and Progressive [Insurance].”

Remember, folks: When you’re on a SEPTA facility, somebody is watching you.