Philly Post Thinks the Eagles Should Sign Chris Kluwe, G Philly Does Too

The former Minnesota Vikings punter is an outspoken advocate for marriage equality. Bring him to Philly!

Today on the Philly Post, blogger Stephen Silver makes a strong case that the Philadelphia Eagles should sign 31-year-old punter Chris Kluwe, and G Philly couldn’t agree more. Yes, he’s a fine player, Silver writes, but Kluwe, who was recently cut from the Minnesota Vikings, is also an outspoken advocate for marriage equality. Silver explains some of the player’s efforts to make same-sex marriage happen in Minnesota and what it could mean if he came to Philadelphia:

He played a big role in the campaign for marriage equality in Minnesota, writing op-eds, making campaign ads and, at one point, “debating” an empty chair as part of a radio stunt. Kluwe even gave up a gig writing an online column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, after that paper published an editorial in opposition to same-sex marriage. …

Other than Minnesota and Washington, every state with marriage equality is in the Northeast. All of New England allows same-sex marriage, as do New York, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C. New Jersey, the next time it has a governor who isn’t a Republican with presidential hopes, is likely to follow. This fight hasn’t yet come to Pennsylvania, although it sort of feels like it’s only a matter of time. And when it does, the debate would certainly be enlivened by Kluwe’s participation.

Come on Eagles, get a Kluwe! Read the rest of Silver’s piece on The Philly Post.

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