Joe Sestak May Challenge Pat Toomey Again

It didn’t work out so well the first time, but former Congressman Joe Sestak is apparently ready to challenge Sen. Pat Toomey again.

Politico reports:

The former Philadelphia-area congressman announced Tuesday in an email to supporters and a video on his website that he’s launching an exploratory committee for Senate in 2016 to challenge Toomey again.

“[T]he leadership in America is not exceptional right now, and most damaging to our nation’s purpose is the U.S. Senate’s lack of leadership and lack of accountability as our nation careens from crisis to crisis,” he said in the email. “Its failure has paralyzed the governing of our nation, even affecting how well state and local leaders can serve the people.”

“I want to begin that change, starting right here in Pennsylvania,” he continued. “The Senate needs an independent leader accountable only to “We the People,” not any other interests…a leader accountable for deeds, not intentions.”

One thing that means: Sestak won’t be challenging Tom Corbett in next year’s gubernatorial race.