VIDEO: Robert De Niro is Clearly Using Bradley Cooper to Woo Philadelphia Audiences

Sure, maybe it seemed like acting legend Robert De Niro wanted to woo Philadelphians by portraying a very dedicated Eagles fan in his new movie, Silver Linings Playbook. (Seriously, if you see an image from this movie that doesn’t have De Niro decked out in Eagles gear, it will probably be the first.) But now we have definitive proof: De Niro spent a good chunk of his Today show interview with Matt Lauer today praising his co-star, Philly homeboy Bradley Cooper. “I like to give advice to younger actors or anybody who wants it. … I love to give advice to my children, but they’re at an age where they don’t usually want to listen,” De Niro said. “But … Bradley really listens.” There’s no truth to the rumor that De Niro’s next act is to join a Mummer’s brigade. We get it, Bob. You want Philly to love you, so you’re pandering a bit. It’s OK! We think Cooper is dreamy, too! [Today]

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