Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, “The Queen of Seduction” Is in Philly

No need to wait for E.L. James's next novel. We've got your next erotica fix right here.

Way before Fifty Shades of Grey quotes were swirling in the heads of Main Line housewives, Philly’s very own erotica author, Allison Hobbs, was writing novels, many under the Zane Presents umbrella. She’s been nominated for multiple erotica and African-American literary awards and her latest, Brick, is due out in July. Here, some of Hobbs’s erotica novels that could leave you saying, “50 Shades of what?”

Double Dippin’ Shane and Tariq are twins who witness their mother’s brutal murder at a young age. Tariq grows up OK, but there’s a darkness brewing inside Shane. The two are separated when Shane is sent off to reform school. By the time they’re reunited, Shane is a gigolo. With Misty and Brick in his corner, Shane wades further out into a life of infidelity and risk, testing the bond between he and Tariq.

Scandalacious Solay owns a high-end cupcake shop and has no time for love. So, naturally, she becomes addicted to male escorts. But, will this new addiction to this sexual professional turn out to be a bad batch for Solay? Think Cupcake Girls meets HBO’s Hung.

Put a Ring on It The story focuses on Vangie, Nivea and Harlow. All the single ladies are desperate to get hitched. Enter a baby-daddy, a “savvy business man with a secret, and heavy alcohol consumption,” and you’ve got more than just a play on some Beyoncé lyrics.

Pandora’s Box – It’s like Pretty Woman if Julia Roberts was a failed singer who worked at a Philadelphia brothel and you throw in a botched robbery and a murder for good measure.

Big Juicy Lips: Double Dippin’ 2 Misty is back and this time she’s using Brick’s “attributes” in a get-rich-quick scheme at the expense of “freaky” clientele. But when she meets Dane, the spitting image of her ex-lover Shane, can she resist his “big juicy lips,” or will she juggle two men until she’s forced to choose between wealth and lust?

Stealing Candy This story focuses on forced teen prostitution. A murderous pimp abducts girls and forces them into the sex trade. Saleema runs a safe haven for girls in crisis and was ready to shut down when Portia goes missing. Can Saleema find Portia and rescue the rest of the girls or will the pimp hold her accountable for stealing “his candy?” It’s like those two or three episodes of every season of Law & Order: SVU that try to teach you something.

Pure Paradise A woman owns a “salon” *wink, wink* and accrues quite the roster of men and women willing to quench her desires. But, will her obsession with a former gridiron star cause her to neglect the person bankrolling her, thus putting her “budding empire” at risk?

The Sorceress Jennifer Darnell nannies for a Philadelphia power couple and their autistic son. She sparks up a romance with a stud police officer when they begin to unravel the mystery behind a naked woman they see running across a bridge. All the while, Eris has escaped from her “hellish holding place” and seeks revenge against the Stovalls. Can anyone match her deviant sexual prowess and stop her to save Kali Stovall and the other innocent people?

Lipstick Hustla Misty lost everything when she let passion get in the way of her business. She rebuilds an escort service from the ground up, but that won’t bring back Brick, who fell into the arms of Misty’s mother.