Philadelphia Apartment Guide

For $1,500 a month, you can live in one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia.


Washington Square West

7th to Broad, Chestnut to South

The Space:
A two-bedroom bi-level (with one of those claustrophobic steel spiral staircases) in a brick walk-up.

The Neighbors:
UArts students, single 20- and 30-somethings, young couples waiting to buy, older gays very involved in the neighborhood.

The Perks:
The ever-expanding 13th Street restaurant corridor. (See: Jamonera and Fish.) And two–count ’em, two!–supermarkets.

The Drawbacks:
Center City life without the benefits (namely, street cleanup) of the CCD, which doesn’t operate below Spruce from 7th to 13th.

For a Little More:
One of the five full-floor rentals in the just-rehabbed Gramercy Building at 13th and St. James. Okay, fine, for a lot more. Like $1,700 more.

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