Who Makes What: A List of Pennsylvania’s Most Expensive Public Employees

Plus: The Sixers finally lose in Philly, a horse trainer allegedly sold horses to become dinner, child porn falls from the ceiling of a Jersey house fire, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Pennsylvania’s Top-Earning Public Employees. What does Mayor Nutter bring in this year? How much is Charles Ramsey paid after taking a $60,000 raise? How short do they fall of the state’s top-earner, Arlene Ackerman? Ugh. [Daily News]

Sixers Finally Lose at Home. Nuggets proved to be too much for the Sixers as they downed the home squad in overtime at the Wells Fargo Center last night. [The 700 Level]

Chesco Horse Trainer Supposedly Sold Thoroughbreds to Slaughterhouse. A 24-year-old horse trainer from Chester County faces fraud charges for telling people she’d find homes for their horses and allegedly selling them to a Canadian slaughterhouse where they’d be killed and shipped over seas for human consumption. [Inquirer]

Child Porn Fell From the Ceiling. Firefighters in Ocean County, New Jersey were battling a large blaze on Dock Road. They pulled back the Sheetrock ceilings to ensure the fire wasn’t spreading and a bunch of child pornography fell out of the walls. The 75-year-old owner of the house was arrested. [NBC Philadelphia]

Copper Thief Falls Down Elevator Shaft. It appears that four men broke into an Atlantic City Electric facility in Egg Harbor, New Jersey last night. Their plans were foiled when one of the men fell down an empty elevator shaft and had to have medical personnel airlift him to a hospital. Talk about stealth, these guys are practically Navy Seals. [Inquirer]

Philly Blacked Out to Protest SOPA. A roundup of all of the Philly startups and Internet companies that participated in some form of protest yesterday to oppose SOPA and PIPA. [Technically Philly]

Add Trash to the List of City Problems. People have been putting their trash out early, forgetting that when a federal holiday falls on a Monday, it won’t be collected. [FOX 29]