What’s to Know About Corbett’s Budget

Our governor released the state budget today, which you should be ... look, Bradley Cooper!

No word yet if PA senate Democrats will soon flee to Delaware (surely they won’t go to Jersey?) or if protestors will be camping in the state capitol building, but while presenting his state budget today, Governor Corbett did call for a teacher-pay freeze. Other quick hits: No new taxes seemed to be a media headline fave. The state film credit (helpful for luring the likes of Bradley Cooper and his ilk to Philly) is in the budget; excellent funding for state universities is not (the guv proposes more than $1 billion in cuts there). Mayor Nutter, who went to H’burg for the Corbett show, says he has “many, many concerns.” If you’re interested in Corbett’s whole address, the Center Daily Times actually has it online here. Finally, anyone who knows what the hell Marcellus Shale is—and if you’re still reading, you probably do—might be interested in this quote about the whole drilling thing from the guv: “Let’s make Pennsylvania the Texas of the natural gas boom.”