Who Likes Obamacare Now?

Tom Corbett, that’s who. Plus: Ed Rendell on TV, Anna Verna retiring (and not coming back a day later!), a local teen at SOTU and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Don’t Worry About Ed. A week after leaving office, our former governor is (surprise!) headed back to Ballard Spahr, where he will make a lot of money doing … something. [Daily News] He’s also about to take a gig at NBC News, though the details are as yet unclear. [Dan Gross] (Let’s start a rumor: The NBC gig comes less than a week after MSNBC canned resident loudmouth Keith Olbermann. NBC is now owned by Comcast, whose executive VP is David Cohen, who used to be Rendell’s chief of staff. Coincidence? The Scoop doesn’t believe in them.)

Look Who Wants Obamacare’s Money Now. Remember last year, when gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett was going on and on about how unconstitutional the health care bill was, and using the state’s resources to attack it in court? Hmm. Well, now that Corbett is governor, and now that the state’s health insurance program for low-income adults is running out of money, Corbett’s trying to move those folks into the federally funded (but state-run) high-risk pools, which—wait for it—were created by the same health care bill he thinks is unconstitutional. Huh. [Newsworks]

Verna’s Out. Now that the City Council president has declined to run for reelection—score another one for the anti-DROP movement—her would-be successors are lining up. There’s a lot of them. [Daily News]

Note to Teachers: Sleeping With Your Students May Be Detrimental to Your Career. Lower Merion High School fired an award-winning teacher for sleeping with an 18-year-old student five years ago. [Inquirer]

A West Philly High Student Will Be Michelle’s Guest at the SOTU Tonight. In September, Brandon Ford, a member of the West Philly Hybrid X team that performed so well in an energy-efficient car design competition, forgot his school ID when the team was invited to the White House and wasn’t allowed in. The First Lady will make it up to him tonight; he’ll be her guest at the State of the Union. [Inquirer]