La Peg Is Carving A Temporary Ice Bar

And really, aren't all ice bars temporary? Proof of the fleeting nature of life, love and (alcoholic) joy?

So here’s the deal. On Wednesday, February 1, La Peg is going to open up their brand new ice bar called Pegsicle. It is going to be hand-carved out of 16 blocks of ice, using multiple chainsaws and a set of Japanese ice chisels, by La Peg’s chef (and all-around good guy) Peter Woolsey, who currently considers himself an “amateur ice carver.”

It will include a custom shot luge carved right into the bar. It will be lit in some way that I don’t entirely understand (the pencil sketch I saw doesn’t really give much away). And the whole thing will exist for only 13 days. Or until it melts. Whichever comes first.

In addition to the ice bar itself (which will be taking up temporary residence in La Peg’s Haas Biergarten), there will be fire pits to keep people warm, twinkle lights to make everything pretty. And if it lasts for the full 13 days, it will be open for both La Peg’s Big Game Hot Chicken Pop-Up on Sunday, February 5 (accessible during commercial breaks, halftime, and any other moment people want to take a break from the game being shown on the big Fringe Arts screen) and right up until the day before Valentine’s Day.

So what will you be drinking at Pegsicle? I’m so glad you asked…

Hot Drinks ($7)
Mulled Red Wine
Spiked Hot Chocolate with a choice of Kahlua, peppermint schnapps, or tequila, with or without whipped cream

Cocktails ($7)
Rum Daiquiri with white rum, fresh lime and sugar
Moscow Mule with vodka, ginger beer, lime and bitters
Celery Tonic with gin, celery juice, tonic and lemon

Canned Beers and Cider ($5)
Sly Fox 113 IPA
Stillwater Classique Saison
Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale
Blackbird Cider Works Apple Cider

Wine ($7)

House White or House Red

Shots ($4) from the hand-carved Ice Shot Luge

Kamikaze with vodka, triple sec and lime
Surfer on Acid with Malibu coconut rum, Jägermeister and pineapple
Straight liquor, including gin, vodka, rum, tequila or bourbon

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