Announcing the New 50 Best Restaurants in Philly

The new 50 Best Restaurants List | Photo by Samuel Markey

The new 50 Best Restaurants List | Photo by Samuel Markey

If it seems too soon for another 50 Best Restaurants issue, you’re right. For a long time, this list was something we put together every two years. But now that’s changing. Because it has to.

Philadelphia’s restaurant scene moves fast today—too fast for the kind of monolithic thinking that says a list of the best restaurants in this city could possibly stand, fundamentally unchanged, for two years. Fortunes rise and fall over weeks, not years. Opinions shift. Focus drifts. There was a time when a list of the best restaurants in Philly could have some breathing room—would be just as true (or nearly as true) six months or a year later as it was on the day it hit the stands. But today that sort of thinking seems as quaint as cedar-plank salmon or those bicycles with one big wheel in front—an artifact of another time.

So beginning now, with this list, Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants will be a living, evolving document—a list we work on year-round, updated regularly on Foobooz and every six months in print, so you can watch the evolution on a schedule more in keeping with the speed at which our scene moves.

It’s an exciting time to be an eater in Philadelphia. This list represents a staggering amount of talent, an amazing collection of experiences, almost an embarrassment of edible riches.

And we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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