Meat Week: Crazy Number Of Bacon Menus At Iron Hill

Bacon-inspired menus at each Iron Hill location all weekend.

How much bacon is too much bacon? Or is there never any such thing as too much bacon?

These are questions you could answer this weekend because we’re not the only ones celebrating Meat Week around here. Iron Hill Brewery is offering an absolutely ridiculous number of bacon-inspired menus from March 19 to March 22.

No, seriously. Every location has its own bacon-centric menu and every one is different. You could, for example, check out the soy-braised pig’s ears and scrapple-crusted salmon at the Ardmore location with some french toast bread pudding for dessert (topped with bacon ice cream and maple caramel), then move on to the Phoenixville Iron Hill for bacon and shrimp chowder and pork belly baked beans.

Every single location has at least two or three things worth trying on their menu, and if you’ve got a serious case of the Bacon-Crazies, this should TOTALLY be your week.

You can check out all of the menus here.

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