DIY Down the Shore: Joncarl Lachman’s Summer Frittata


Noord’s brunch menu is usually supplemented by weekly specials you probably won’t find on another brunch menu in Philly—like Zurkool & Eggs (beer-braised cabbage, smoked sausage and eggs) or Whole Trout Amandine. But usually, those specials include a frittata, and Joncarl loves frittatas.

This recipe can be done with any sort of seasonal vegetable (you can get your ingredients at any of these places), and you’ll be able to impress your brunch friends before you go out on the water for the day.

Market Vegetable Frittata with Pickled Peaches and Sour Cream


(Serves four people)
2 large peaches
2 cups white vinegar
heaping tablespoon of sugar
teaspoon of canola oil
2 ears of fresh sweet corn (grilled and sliced from the ear)
2 cups cherry tomatoes (quartered)
2 cups baby spinach
12 large eggs, beaten
1/2 cup heavy cream
pinch nutmeg
pinch chopped tarragon
heaping table spoon of grated parmesan
white pepper and kosher salt (to taste)

For the “pickled peaches”:

Cut the peaches into small bite size portion. In a small sauce pan bring the vinegar and sugar to a quick boil. Add salt and pepper. Add the peaches. Turn down the heat. Once it starts to boil again, take it off the heat and set the peaches aside.
This can be done the night before.

For the Frittata

Pre-heat oven to 350F

Heat a medium none stick sauce pan over medium heat. Add the oil ( and a little bit of butter if you like). Once the oil just starts to smoke add the corn, spinach and tomatoes and season lightly with the salt and pepper. Sautee for a minute, constantly stiring. Combine the eggs, cream, nutmeg, and tarragon. Add to the pan and season again. ( it is always best to season in layers, as it brings out the flavors of all the individual ingredients)

Around the edges of the pan, as the eggs start to cook, with a plastic spatula lift the cooked egg, so that the uncooked egg goes toward to heat. After three minutes, put it in the oven. The frittata should be done in 10 minutes (or more if you like your eggs cooked more well done)

Remove and allow to cool a bit…then place on a plate and top with the sour cream and pickled peaches….top with the parmesan cheese

The vinegar from the peaches can also be used to dress an accompanying salad.

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