What We’re Drooling Over: Rooster Soup Co. Menu


Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook have just teased three menu items for Rooster Soup Co., the hopeful product of Federal Donuts and Broad Street Ministry’s kickstarter, and we’re salivating.

First on the list is the ever so beautiful and unlikely combination of a pastrami sandwich and ramen noodle bowl: The Pastramen made from double chicken stock spiked with soy, pastrami-cured short rib, sauerkraut and rye noodle.  Next up is the classic with a twist: Chicken Noodle Pho with double chicken stock, homemade matzoh balls, rice noodles, celery, dill and chicken oysters. And finally, for the vegan and vegetarians, Rooster Soup Co. will be serving up Yemenite Thai Green Curry soup made with sweet potatoes, coconut milk and schug (Yemenite fresh green chili and garlic) over coconut rice. Cue the drooling.

But the only way you’ll be licking these bowls clean is by backing up Rooster Soup Co. With a little over $90,000 and 16 days left, there’s still time for you to make this philanthropic restaurant (and all its offerings) a reality. And those who contribute $100 will be invited to the first-ever tasting of Rooster Soup Co. cuisine on October 11.

Now go wipe that drool off your face and get to donating.

Rooster Soup Co. Kickstarter Campaign [Official]