A Healthy(er) Cheesesteak At Geno’s?

Geno’s Steaks | Health food?

WHYY has this new(ish) health-based show attached to Newsworks called The Pulse. It talks to doctors and discusses high blood pressure and cholesterol and all those things that grownups care about. It’s a good show, but rarely catches my attention until, this morning, I heard them talking about cheesesteaks.

Specifically, about Geno’s and owner Geno Vento. The bulk of the report was about his health problems, his lap band surgery, the 100 pounds he’s lost and how he’s keeping it off. There was a lot of stuff in there about Geno’s, though–and particularly the early days at Geno’s–but the most interesting reveals came at the end of the report (which you can read and/or listen to in its entirety below). As things turn out, Geno Vento started culinary school this week. And one of his areas of interest? Healthy cooking. And when asked if any healthy options could ever make their way to Geno’s?

“You never know,” he said. “After school, you never know, there might be a new menu.”

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