The Final Collaboration Among Elmi, Kearse, Styer and Cichon

And then there was one.

The last eight-course collaboration dinner between power houses Jon Cichon (Lacroix), Lee Styer (Fond), Nick Elmi (Rittenhouse Tavern), and Chris Kearse (Will) is on Monday, April 8th and seats are filling fast. Luckily, this one’s at Lacroix, a bigger venue, so your chances of snagging a table are a little higher, but I wouldn’t bank on it—these dinners are too special.

There’s only one seating at 7 pm, and it’s $100 with an optional beverage pairing for an additional $50. The menu will be a bit different from the rest—a little more Spring oriented since the season is fast approaching.

It all looks pretty fantastic; you can take a peek at the menu after the jump. Call and reserve a spot soon. Carpe diem!

Hake confit
cucumber, burnet, fennel

oregano, sambuca

Tandoori Cuttlefish
garbanzo bean, squid ink croquette

Grilled Cobia
pea, coconut, mussel emulsion

cepe, bucks horn, beef vinaigrette, whey

Lamb Tenderloin
beet, crispy potato

marcona almond, ramp, lavender

Kalamansi Lime
casis, thai basil, burnt honey

Lacroix [Official Site]