P & K Launches Allagash’s Cookbook on Tuesday

It seems fitting for Allagash Brewing Company to have released a cookbook, since their product is complex in a way that allows for a perfect pairing between beer and food. Acclaimed chef James Simpkins went on a culinary tour of the country and came back with a series of dishes and recipes highlighting the nuances each beer has to offer. With visuals by photographer Brian Smestad, this book gives home chefs new perspective on cooking with beer.

With that being said, Tuesday, November 13th from 7 to 9 p.m., Pub & Kitchen is hosting the national launch for Allagash: The Cookbook. The event will feature Allagash’s Rob Tod and Chef Jonathan Adams presenting two food and beer pairings(smoked pork loin and fried oysters) as well as four Allagash beers: White, Hugh Malone, Smoke & Beards, and Fluxus ’12.

Pub & Kitchen [Official Site]