Where to Eat Vegan Food in Philly

Philly restaurants celebrating vegetables in all of their various forms. Whether you're looking for a menu that's exclusively vegan or not.

A spread at Pietramala in Northern Liberties / Photograph by Casey Robinson

Whether you’re cutting back on meat after watching a devastating Polish film about a runaway donkey or you genuinely can’t remember the last time you came into contact with a cheeseburger, there are about 200 reasons why you might be eating more vegetables and fewer animal-based products right now.

Fortunately, vegan options abound. We’ve corralled all the Philly restaurants best celebrating the humble vegetable in all of its various forms. Whenever you see a 🌱 next to a restaurant’s name below, that business offers an entirely vegan menu. Count on the other places in this guide to offer vegan-friendly menus. That way, everyone in your group — regardless of dietary needs — can find something excellent to eat.

Cabbage at Pietramala / Photograph by Casey Robinson

Pietramala 🌱
Meat eaters could easily eat an entire meal at Pietramala and not once ponder the absence of dairy or meat. That’s because this new Northern Liberties restaurant lets vegetables sing, rather than recreate phony versions of non-veg dishes. A simple salad, for example, is packed with dill and mint, then perfectly seasoned with flaky salt and an elderflower dressing. Heirloom beans are combined with brassica kimchi and preserved summer tomatoes, and the tonnarelli, made with white sweet potatoes and aged tofu, is among our favorite versions of cacio e pepe in the city — vegan or not. Book a reservation in advance with someone who you want to impress. Although it is a BYO, this business charges a $20 corkage fee. 614 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties.

Laser Wolf
It can be tough to find a party time destination for a group of people who all have slightly different sets of eating requirements. The answer is often Laser Wolf, a high-energy Kensington Israeli restaurant where everyone wants to go anyway, and where the platters of salatim, hummus and pita are bottomless and totally vegan. After your first course hits the table, guests can choose their own adventure with an entree, but you’ll find that everyone will be happy to eat a creamy whole eggplant or the crispy, shawarma-spiced cauliflower. Heads up: when you look at the menu and briefly panic about an eggplant costing $37, know that these prices include your first course as well as soft serve for dessert. 1301 North Howard Street, Kensington.

vegan food restaurants philadelphia

Vegan pies from 20th Street Pizza / Photograph by Trevor Dixon; styling by Kelsi Windmiller

20th Street Pizza 🌱
Meet the slice shop dedicated to serving vegan pies topped with cashew-based mozz, pumpkin-seed pesto, and vegan parm. In a city that is so often meat-and-cheese dominant, owner Mark Mebus takes these high-hydration pies just as seriously as any of Philly’s other artisanal shops. Need convincing? Try the square potato pie, which comes with roasted German butterball potatoes, roasted shallots, and rosemary. 108 South 20th Street, Rittenhouse.

Triangle Tavern
Midnight strikes. You’re hungry and possibly drunk. Quit Googling “vegan food late night now Philly?” and beeline to Triangle Tavern in East Passyunk. This is a divey neighborhood bar in the heart of one the city’s most food-focused neighborhoods, and much of the menu focuses on vegan versions of classic bar comforts like burgers, pizza, and eggplant-parm sandwiches. Kitchen closes at 1 a.m. Cherish it. 1338 South 10th Street, East Passyunk.

If you’re a Pickle Person or a Sandwich Person, it’s always worth going out of your way to Martha to sit in their backyard and guzzle giardiniera, crunchy cabbage, pickled tomatillos that taste a bit like A.1. sauce as they ferment, and “The Vegan” hoagie. The latter is a masterpiece of textures: fermented radish, spiced zucchini, roasted beets, and marinated eggplant tucked into a soft, warm hoagie roll and slapped with long hot pesto. Remember this vegan-friendly spot for a date with someone who eats meat, or a group hang featuring lots of wine and housemade amari. 2113 East York Street, Kensington.

Algorithm 🌱
Algorithm began as a food truck serving vegan cheesesteaks, fried nuggets, and bread pudding (which we still daydream about). Now the business has their own brick-and-mortar restaurant in Queen Village, which allows them to execute dishes like linguine in a fennel and garlic sauce or tomato tartare. The truck still operates regularly at breweries and parks, in case that approach to Algorithm is more convenient for you than heading to QV. 705 East Passyunk Avenue, Queen Village.

Primary Plant-Based 🌱
This casual new Fishtown vegan restaurant takes inspiration from all over the map, which means one visit here might be all about cauliflower with shisito queso and tortillas and a celery root schnitzel sandwich, and another meal might feature char siu seitan and masa ball soup with hominy and Mexican chiles. Food is served on diner plates, they’re open for lunch, and you could easily hang here by yourself and have a good time. P.S., Dessert fans, take note. PPB always has a couple different sweets. 161 West Girard Avenue, Fishtown.

Tattooed Mom

A dive on South Street with bumper-car seating, live shows upstairs, and temporary tattoos available for the taking is not necessarily the sort of setting you’d assume would work for a full meal. That’s where you’re wrong. The magic of Tattooed Moms is that it can be exactly what you want it to be, no matter the circumstances. About half of the (very good) food here is vegan, including a pickle-brined fried “chick’n” sandwich that will instantly convert you into a T-Moms groupie. Keep an eye on their Instagram for info on future pop-up collaborations, often featuring exciting vegan options. 530 South Street, Queen Village.

vegan food restaurants philadelphia

A Latin-inspired spread with cauliflower tacos, vegan meatballs and empanadas from Bar Bombón in Rittenhouse / Photograph by Trevor Dixon; styling by Kelsi Windmiller

Bar Bombón 🌱

Bar Bombón is endlessly useful whenever you’re looking for a place to eat vegan snacks and drink a cocktail near Rittenhouse Square. Go for the fried yucca and sweet plantains — two dishes that the kitchens at this Puerto Rican-styled vegan restaurant and bar do really well — or buffalo-style cauliflower tacos, along with a mezcal and tequila-based cocktail. 133 South 18th Street, Rittenhouse.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry 🌱
Dinner at Miss Rachel’s Pantry feels like being invited to a friend’s South Philly home for an elaborate, Italian-leaning five-course meal that’s completely vegan. Dinner for two will cost you $210, inclusive of service, N/A beverages, coffee and dessert. Chef Rachel Klein’s unique BYOB meals sell out quickly, so set an alarm for the first Friday of the month at 2 p.m., when the team releases reservations. 1938 South Chadwick Street, South Philly.

Goldie 🌱

Admittedly, this is not a guide to vegan milkshakes. If it were, Goldie would start and end the list. The tehina-based shakes at Michael Solomonov’s fast-casual spot are creamy, decadent, and delicious enough that many Philadelphians purchase them at lunchtime. You can be one of those Philadelphians, too. Throw in a crunchy hot falafel sandwich, topped with your choice of tehina sauce, and you’ll be set for lunch. A piece of advice: First-timers, start with the schug tehina on your falafel if you’re into a little heat. 1911 Sansom Street, Rittenhouse. 

Monster Vegan 🌱
Some meat-eaters may blindly associate veganism with pure, health-oriented vegetable experiences. And that’s true sometimes, sure. But restaurants like Monster Vegan in Center City serve as a reminder that much of vegan food is slutty junk. When you want the junk, Monster Vegan will be at the ready with fried macaroni and cheese balls, stacked sandwiches, rigatoni alla vodka and the like. The restaurant also shows horror movies on Thursdays in their private screening room. Get it? Monster Vegan. Okay, we’re done. 1229 Spruce Street, Midtown Village.

Crust Vegan Bakery 🌱

Crust does it all: breakfast sandwiches, homemade pop-tarts, cinnamon rolls. Find them at coffee shops and bakeries across the city, including Grindcore House in West Philly and South Philly. If you want to go straight to the source, head to their storefront in Manayunk. 4409 Main Street, Manayunk

Grindcore House 🌱

Bagels with tofu cream cheese, cinnamon-spiked coffee cakes, a truly delicious Italiano hoagie made with vegan ham, salami, and pepperoni from West Chester’s Love Again Local — these are what you come to Grindcore to eat. 515 South 4th Street, Pennsport, 4134 Chester Avenue, West Philly.

Good Dog Bar

Where can I get a decent vegan cheesesteak? Rest assured, this question comes for all Philadelphia vegans eventually. One satisfactory answer is Good Dog Bar and their complicated, sloppy, delicious mess of mushrooms and onions, glued together with pepper jack cheese and loaded onto a seeded hoagie roll. 224 South 15th Street, Center City.

Judy Ni’s Taiwanese casual daytime spot in Center City isn’t completely vegan, but the menu has quite a few options, making it perfect for a lunch meeting or takeout order for a group with mixed dietary needs. Handmade, crisped-bottomed vegetable potstickers taste surprisingly rich, and the vegan ruen bing is packed with meaty bean curd that’s been cured with five-spice seasoning, plus crushed peanuts for crunch and hoisin sauce that brings a little sweetness. 1829 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Center City.

A pie from Down North / Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

Down North
Vegan pizza can get a little complicated with meat replacements and vegetables that may or may not appear like they’ve attended the Met gala. But sometimes you just want a straightforward, delicious vegan pizza. When that’s the case, order the vegan “No Betta Love” from Down North. It’s their signature take on a square pie, with Norf sauce (a proprietarily perfect, lightly sweet tomato sauce) topped with vegan cheese and parm. Add on some of their vegan cheese-topped fries and the cauliflower wings for a classic pizza night. 2804 West Lehigh Avenue, North Philly.

Ethiopian and Eritrean food usually works well for a vegan meal, and this family-owned West Philly restaurant makes some of our favorite versions of
okra wat, collards, and stewed lentils and chickpeas in the city. Come on a night where there’s live music and you’ll get a $18 veggie combo platter and a show. Alert your gluten-free friends (hello, spongey-sour injera made with teff flour). 4708 Baltimore Avenue, West Philly.

Huff & Puff BBQ
Huff & Puff takes a vegan-inclusive approach to barbecue, throwing everything on the grill from slow-smoked corn ribs, pulled BBQ jackfruit, and seitan ‘brisket’ to beef brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs. Order takeout for a crowd or stop by for a solo lunch on a day off. 246 South 11th Street, Midtown Village.

Hardena is one of those glorious Philly restaurant nucleuses where someone who is vegan and a meat-eater might order the same exact meal without realizing it. The Indonesian food simmering on the steam table kicks ass across the board — be it a large platter of rice topped with super-savory oseng tempeh, collards stewed in coconut milk, sayur lodeh, or a vegetable stew. Come for a casual weeknight dinner (or for takeout) when you want home-cooked food but wish someone else would make it. 1754 South Hicks Street, South Philly.

Unit Su Vege 🌱

Vegan diners and dim sum rarely see eye to eye, since shrimp and pork tend to be some of the main protagonists in a Cantonese or Shanghainese meal. But Unit Su Vege stands out as exception to this rule. They offer a wide array of vegetable-based dumplings and bao as well as entree-sized platters you can share. Especially notable are the veggie soup dumplings made with mushrooms, garlic and veggie broth. The restaurant is also kosher. 2000 Hamilton Street, Fairmount.

Vedge 🌱
When Vedge opened in 2011, it paved the way for a thriving vegan scene in this city, declaring that rutabaga and chard and beets shouldn’t simply be relegated to the side of your plate — they should be cared for and crafted as the main event of your meal. This guide (and this city’s restaurant landscape) would look distinctly different without its legacy. If you need a place bring family members for an upscale vegan meal, the Locust Street mansion still impresses. 1221 Locust Street, Midtown Village.

Front Street Cafe

If you’re in Fishtown, Front Street Cafe is the place to take your friends or coworkers for happy hour if you want to hang out and eat bar food with plenty of vegan options. Order the buffalo cauliflower, which is pan-fried, spicy, hot and crunchy, and has that distinctive junk-food feel. 1253 North Front Street, Fishtown.

vegan food restaurants philadelphia

Vegan sushi rolls from Tomo Sushi & Ramen Bar in Old City. Photography by Trevor Dixon; styling by Kelsi Windmiller

Tomo Sushi & Ramen Bar

Subtract the fish, and you’ve got vegan sushi. But chef Andy Kho isn’t just removing the fish — he’s adding layers of flavor and texture with new approaches to veggies, fruits, and meat alternatives. From the simplest avocado and oshinko maki to more complex creations like the Straw-Veggie (with oshinko, seasoned kanpyo gourd, shibazuke pickles and avocado, topped with sliced strawberry), this is the place to go for vegan sushi. 228 Arch Street, Old City.

HipCityVeg 🌱
Burgers, shakes, and fries — but make it all vegan. Rely on this regional chain the next time you need to satisfy any and all fast-food cravings. Multiple locations.