Our Favorite Takeout Windows for Sandwiches, Pierogies, Ice Cream and More

As restaurants adapted to takeout-only, takeout windows popped up all over the city. Now, they’re flourishing even as dining rooms fill up once again.

Porcos’ takeout window. Photograph by Michael Persico

Restaurants in Philly have spent the last year perfecting the art of takeout. As a result, there are now more takeout windows in Philly than ever before. Even now that dining rooms are mostly open, takeout windows are flourishing — and they’re perfect for grab-and-go foods and fast-moving service. Whether you’d like to pick up a bottle of wine, a scoop of ice cream, or maybe a hulking porchetta sandwich, the takeout windows of Philly have plenty to offer.


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Bloomsday, Old City
Bloomsday calls their takeout window the Fancy Pickup Window. Browse the shop’s wine and vermouth selection online, curate your own order, then pick it up around the corner at the cutest little takeout window in town. Plan your pick up for Saturday morning and you can add a pastry to your pick-up order.


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Porcos PorchetteriaPoint Breeze
Chad Durkin opened Porcos with a takeout window before the pandemic, but it turned out to be a stroke of both genius and luck. Guests can now order from both Porcos and Small Oven at the window — but don’t worry, they’ve added another window where you can browse the pastries before making your selection.


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Mom-Moms KitchenGraduate Hospital
Mom-Moms started out as a food cart, so it makes sense that their South Street brick-and-mortar also has a takeout window where you can snag pierogis to go. Take them home or sit at the nearby Bob and Barbara’s and have a PBR.

Chicken on a stick at South Street Souvlaki | Photo by Caroline Cunningham

South Street SouvlakiBella Vista
South Street Souvlaki’s takeout window is there for you when you simply must have some chicken on a stick (it’s only $3!), which is probably more often than you realized.

Photo by Nicole Cimino

The Hot Dog Stand, Milmont Park
Over in Delco, there’s a takeout window that will give you hot dogs and homemade meatballs, a combination that feels unlikely but which actually makes perfect sense in a comforting, Philly kind of way.

Photo by Jason Varney

Sid Bookers Shrimp Corner, North Philly
Here at Foobooz, we love Sid Booker’s. The perfect, crunchy fried shrimp served over a bed of potato chips are good at any time of day, which makes sense, because they’re open until 2 a.m.


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Nifty Fifty’s, South Philly
Not every Nifty Fifty’s has a takeout window, but the one in South Philly does, which makes it a perfect place to stop for a milkshake and an order of onion rings on your way to (or from) a game.

Fishtown SocialFishtown
Even though table service and in-person shopping has resumed at Fishtown Social, they’ve continued to operate their takeout window for guests who aren’t comfortable coming inside (or who are just looking to save a little time).


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Peace A Pie, Fishtown
Big, junky-in-a-good-way pepperoni pies and havarti and brie paninis from a window smack in the middle of Fishtown.

Poe’s Sandwich Joint, Olde Kensington
Is it still a takeout window if it’s inside? We say yes. At Poe’s, you can eat one of our favorite chicken cutlets in the city, paired with a wild, Czech-inspired beer from Human Robot’s exceptional program.

Love & Honey, Fishtown
Love & Honey has kept their small space closed to guests, and they are currently accepting only online and walk-up orders. Their wait times are long these days, but it’s worth it for the crispy, juicy fried chicken.


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Weckerly’s, Fishtown
There’s nothing more charming from a takeout window than ice cream, which is why the Weckerly’s takeout window is perhaps our favorite in the city. The lines can get long on nice summer evenings, but they move fast and the vibe is convivial, friendly, and neighborly.