A Hybrid Hot Yoga and Strength Training Studio Is Opening in Francisville

Muse Yoga & Fitness is celebrating its grand opening with free classes all weekend.

Muse Yoga & Fitness will open in Francisville on Saturday, December 11th. / Photograph by Cara Kelly.

After a tough year for the city’s fitness scene, it’s invigorating that new boutique gyms are still opening or are on the horizon. And this Saturday, Philly will officially welcome her newest one: Muse Yoga & Fitness.

Located in Francisville, Muse stands as a hybrid hot yoga and strength training studio, offering both in-person and virtual Vinyasa-based yoga, group fitness, and private training in a bi-level space. For yoga, you can expect heated and non-heated sessions suitable for all levels as well as a heated vigorous practice best for intermediate to advanced yogis. (The infrared heaters can reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit, btw.) Muse’s 50-minute group fitness offerings include Grit — a circuit-style class featuring strength equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, and TRX straps — and Stamina, which is meant to get your heart pumping through HIIT training.

As for personal training, Muse has three options: one-on-one strength training, private yoga lessons, and what the studio’s calling “Buddy Training,” where you can book a yoga or strength sesh with a friend, family member, coworker or fitness bestie.

Muse Yoga & Fitness co-founders Maggie Greene and Steph Herzka. / Photograph by Cara Kelly.

Co-founders and Francisville residents (and neighbors!) Maggie Greene and Steph Herzka say they both have always wanted to open a fitness studio, but finally teamed up to create Muse after witnessing the impact the pandemic had on the local industry. “When COVID hit and many studios we loved permanently shut their doors, we were devastated,” says Greene. “But COVID also gave us the time to slow down and figure out how to make our long-time dream into a reality in our neighborhood. We’re excited to give the Francisville community — plus instructors who are still looking for a local home base — a new movement space.”

They say the name “Muse” came from the notion of looking within and seeing yourself as inspiration, with all your strengths and improvement areas. It also ties to the other definition of the word meaning to ponder, focus, or meditate on something, they add. These sentiments especially come to life via the yoga studio’s mural created by local visual artist Allegra Yvonne Gia.

The in-studio mural created by Philly-based artist Allegra Yvonne Gia. / Photograph by Cara Kelly.

Muse will celebrate its grand opening with complimentary classes all weekend — 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. and 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. To peep the schedule and reserve your free spot, head here.

After opening weekend, a drop-in class at the studio will cost you $20 ($12 for virtual). Muse also has a number of class packages and membership offerings, plus a $38 two-week unlimited trial special. Check out all your pricing options here.

Muse Yoga & Fitness is located at 1513 Ridge Avenue in Francisville.