An Athlete-Savvy Chiropractor Just Opened in Northern Liberties

Epic Chiropractic's two docs have experience treating everyone from bodybuilders to the U.S. water polo team.

chiropractor northern liberties

Epic Chiropractic just opened in Northern Liberties. / Photograph courtesy of Tyler E. Barton

For a few years now, Philadelphians have been moving into Northern Liberties in droves. (Peep the median home price in our neighborhood guide for the area.) So far, it’s been a prime place for millennials especially to go out or work — brunch spots and bars populate much of the 2nd Street main drag, with cute coffee shops peppered throughout the surrounding streets. But, outside of some early adopters like City Fitness, there haven’t been that many places for residents to take care of themselves.

That’s changing, thanks to an influx of boutique fitness studios — both Solidcore and Tuck Barre & Yoga have launched locations in NoLibs within the last week. And, at the beginning of the month, Epic Chiropractic opened doors in the thick of the fray, at 1040 North 2nd Street, Suite 301. “I really love seeing how people in Philly are starting to take advantage of healthy foods and the fitness scene,” says co-owner Tyler E. Barton. “At Epic, we wanted to play a role in continuing that trend and building on that trend — to allow people to gain more insight and more information about what’s going on with their body. How they can move better. How they can feel better.”

The best part about this chiropractic office for you, readers? These doctors of chiropractic care have plenty of experience treating athletes. Co-owner Anthony J. Havens literally traveled around the world with the U.S. water polo team while Barton spent years treating bodybuilders in California.

They also do more than just your typical adjustments for the neck and back, offering services that you might have seen from massage or physical therapists like myofascial stretching, TENS therapy, kinesio taping, and percussive therapy. (I’ve tried this before, and it was described to me as a “jackhammer for your muscles.”) Plus, they do posture and movement analysis — a huge boon for those of us who are sitting at desks all day.

Want to try Epic Chiropractic out for yourself? Through the end of September, the office is running a first-consultation-free promo, and you can book it directly through the website.

Epic Chiropractic is located at 1040 North 2nd Street, Suite 301, in Northern Liberties.