This Barre, Run, Spin “Triathlon” Is the Fitness Challenge You Need Right Now

Barre3 Rittenhouse Square and Revel Ride are teaming up to host their first hybrid event.

barre3 triathlon

Barre3 Rittenhouse and Revel Ride are teaming up for their first “triathlon” event. / Photographs courtesy Barre3 and Revel Ride

If you’re really plugged into Philly’s fitness scene, you might sign up for a spin class at one studio, a barre workout at another, and a yoga session at yet another (just to get your muscles all stretched out after all that other hard-hitting exercise). After all, that’s the whole concept behind ClassPass — the flexibility to hit up various gyms for all your different muscle-strengthening needs.

It’s rare, though, to attend back-to-back classes in different settings, at least outside of a fitness festival like Be Well Philly Boot Camp (shameless plug to get your tickets here). But Revel Ride and Barre3 Rittenhouse Square are teaming up to give you that chance with the studios’ first partner event: a pseudo-triathlon on April 13th.

“So many of our staff members cross-train at Revel,” says Stephanie Maas, the co-owner of Barre3 Rittenhouse. “Being able to get that big cardio hit with riding and then coming to Barre3 where you get that deep muscle burn — that’s a combination I wanted to give to our clients on an event basis.”

The “triathlon” ($35) will start with a 10:30 a.m., 30-minute Barre3 class, taught by Maas herself in her second-floor Rittenhouse location at 15th and Sansom streets. Then participants will run the half mile between Barre3 and Revel Ride at the intersection of 17th and South streets. Finally, Revel instructor Raymond Smeriglio will lead a 45-minute Ride class, meaning it includes elements of both competition and just riding to the rhythm of the music.

Tickets will open up this Sunday, April 7th, at 6 p.m. on the Revel Ride website. You’ll be able to list your shoe size and choose a specific bike at that time, just like you would for a regular Revel class. And that gets at the true beauty of the event: Although we’re sure Barre3 and Revel will be marketing the triathlon to their current members, we think folks who haven’t checked out either studio are the ones who have the most to gain. After all, the abbreviated classes let you sample two different types of workouts without committing or dropping $20 to $25 on an individual class. And any time we can get two sweat sessions for (almost) the price of one is a good, endorphin-filled day.

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