How Counting Macros Helped Me Tone Up Like Never Before

For Jessica Demczar, counting macros made a dramatic change in her body composition.

counting macros weight loss transformation

Counting macros made a big difference in Jessica Demczar’s body composition. Photographs courtesy Jessica Demczar.

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Who: Jessica Demczar (@jess_rippedphl), 22, a RippedPHL personal trainer and nutritionist from Rittenhouse Square

Why I wanted to make a change: “Last year, when I graduated college, I decided to make a change. I studied exercise science and nutrition in school, but I never took the time to implement it into my own life. Last spring, I decided to start my career in health and fitness and I wanted to help other people reach their own fitness goals, so I started with myself!”

When I started: “When I moved to Philadelphia, which was right after college in June 2017. However, I didn’t start counting my macros and tracking my food seriously until the beginning of 2018, around April. This past spring I calculated out my macros and tracked my food for about eight weeks — that’s when I saw the biggest changes in my body composition.”

Height: 5’3″

Starting weight: 140 pounds

Current weight: 135 pounds

What changed: “It’s crazy because it’s true: The number on the scale doesn’t really matter. During the course of this past year, I have only lost about five pounds because I have gained so much muscle. I am now the strongest and fastest I have ever been. I think the most positive change throughout this whole journey has been the control I have gained over my own life in this past year.”

“It’s crazy because it’s true: The number on the scale doesn’t really matter…I am now the strongest and fastest I have ever been.”

How I changed my nutrition plan: “Diet is everything! I used to think I ate ‘healthy’ and I always wondered why I didn’t look the way I wanted to. But now I know why. Now I eat so much more protein to fuel my muscles. I didn’t really take anything out of my diet, just changed the content of what I was eating. I started making things at home to be lower in sugar (protein bars!) and based all of my meals around protein and healthy carbohydrates!”

How I changed my workout plan: “I never really changed anything about my workouts. I just finished four years of college soccer, so I have always been involved in some form of fitness. Now I love lifting heavy and my body responds well to it. But there is no secret workout program — just something that challenges your body and something that you love so you do it over and over again.

“My current weekly workout routine involves two to three heavy lifting sessions (two lower body and one upper body) and I try to take class at RippedPHL at least twice a week if my schedule allows! I know I work there, so people might say I am biased, but I love these workouts and they are very effective!”

counting macros weight loss

While she didn’t made big changes in her workout plan, counting macros made a huge difference. Photographs courtesy Jessica Demczar.

The hardest part: “The thing I struggled with the most — and I know most of my clients say the same thing — is finding the time to workout! Most days I am up way before the sun and finish my day around 8 p.m. if I’m lucky. But everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day, so there are really no excuses for me. There were definitely some days that I didn’t get to workout and thats okay — I factored that into my plan.

“I got through it with the help of my best friend, another RippedPHL trainer. He planned out everything with me. He would come help me cook food and he did some of my workouts with me too. This made it so much fun and enjoyable. Even though I was exhausted beyond measure, I never missed a workout in those eight weeks when I was counting my macros.”

What I’m most proud of: “The fact that I was able to put everything I learned into practice. Now I can help so many other people achieve their own goals and nothing makes me happier than that.”

What’s next: “I am always working on getting better and will never be completely satisfied with where I am — that keeps me moving forward. Recently, have stopped counting my macros and I am not worried about what I look like as much as I used to be. I took a break from all of it for personal reasons and to focus on other things, but I still am always looking to get better in my workouts inside and outside of the gym.”

What I want everyone to know: “Change is possible, but it wont come easy. You have to plan what you’re going to do and then you have to prepare for that plan. Also, you need to have a support system — someone who will be there for you when you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. So set your goal, write out a plan to get you there, find that person or group to help you along the way, and you will be successful. Once you have your plan and your support system, hold yourself accountable — investing in yourself will be the best thing you have ever done.”

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