With Horse Yoga, We Have Officially Reached Peak Yoga-With-Animals

Yoga Hive has teamed up with a New Jersey horse rescue for some barnyard yoga fun on September 8.

Photo courtesy of Gina Durante.

Animal-smitten yogis must be in heaven these days with the puppy, baby goat and pig yoga sessions popping up all over the city. Well, Yoga Hive is about to hit you with yet another animal to check off your yoga bucket list — horses. That’s right: We’re talking about equestrian yoga.

On Saturday, September 8, Yoga Hive will be partnering with Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue in Medford, New Jersey, for their inaugural session of horse yoga — as in, a chill yoga session with horses (and one donkey, named Shreky) nearby. The intention of this Vinyasa practice is aimed at improving core stability, balance, and helping yogis stay present, while creating a bond with the horse and nature surrounding them.

Don’t worry: You won’t actually be doing any yoga on the horses. You also don’t need any equestrian experience to participate. Yoga Hive co-owner Gina Durante (pictured above) has been riding her whole life, which is the only reason she felt comfortable posing on the horse bareback. After the class is over, however, all participants will have a chance for their own photo standing by one of the rescue horses or seated on a saddled horse.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue, which is a non-profit organization that is run by a small group of volunteers who work to save horses, donkeys, mules, and ponies from slaughter and neglect. Tickets for horse yoga, which you can score here, are $60, and they include light refreshments and Wild Kombucha following the session.

Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue is located at 288 Hartford Road in Medford.

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