This Philly Yoga Studio Just Added More Pig Yoga Classes to the Schedule

Tuck Barre and Yoga is hosting two more pig yoga classes in October.

Photograph by Ted Nghiem.

Here at Be Well Philly, we are big fans of cute things. We’re even bigger fans of experiences that combine cute things with our love of working out, and that’s exactly why we deemed puppy yoga the Best Workout Trend. However, we’ve recently spotted another so-adorable-it-hurts yoga series on the rise: pig yoga. The cuteness-overload caused the first session to sell out, but there are more opportunities coming your way in October.

Tuck Barre and Yoga was one of the first studios in Philly to hop on this unique yoga trend, and it’s really taken off in the community — spots for the last session sold out within an hour. So, naturally, they had to add yet another pig yoga date to their schedule: Saturday, October 13. The class is going down at Tuck’s newly opened West Philly Studio (3400 Lancaster Avenue). This is Tuck’s more spacious studio, so the hope is that 30 yogis, at least eight pigs, and one goat (named Squeaks) will be able to snuggle, snort, and, well, do some yoga, I guess.

If you’re desperate to try pig yoga, you better sign up like, right now. There will be two sessions on October 13: a more active Vinyasa pig yoga class at 12:30 p.m. and a more chill pig yin yoga at 1:45 p.m. Reserve your spot for either class here before all of the spots are taken.

Oh, and the best part about these classes is that they benefit a Pennsylvania-based pig rescue, FairyTail Acres, which aims to give a better life to pigs. Here’s to helping more and more piggies through yoga!

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