7 Healthy, Nutritionist-Approved Frozen Treats That’ll Make You Happy on Hot Days

Skip the Ben & Jerry's and reach for these healthy frozen desserts instead.

It’s hot out there friends, which means the only things we want to eat right now are the things that come from the freezer aisle. To help us make healthier choices about what kinds of frozen treats we’re digging into, we asked Philly nutritionists to share their favorite frosty goodies for the summertime. Here’s what they had to say.

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

Yasso bars come in fun flavors like Black Raspberry Chip and Cookies ‘n’ Cream. Find them here.

“They have delicious flavors that actually taste good and are relatively low in sugar and calories.” — Sheena Pradhan, registered dietitian at Nutritious Balance

“I love Yasso bars! My favorite is the Fudge Brownie. Since they are made with Greek yogurt and other natural ingredients, most flavors have around 5g of protein as well!” — Melissa Bailey, registered dietitian with The Philly Nutritionists

Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas

Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas feature frozen banana bites covered in dark chocolate. Find them here.

“Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas (chocolate-covered bananas) are a delicious treat with only two ingredients!” — Emily Pierce, registered dietitian with OnPoint Nutrition

Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s comes in sugar-free flavors like Mango Peach and Pink Lemonade. Photo via Facebook.

“I love Rita’s water ice. They have sugar-free flavors, and it’s refreshing and convenient.” — Nyree Dardarian, registered dietitian and director of the Center for Nutrition & Performance at Drexel University

Ruby Rockets Galaxy Green Fruit & Veggie Pops

Ruby Rockets Galaxy Green pops are made with kiwi, avocado, green apples, banana, and spinach. Find them here.

“I have high standards when it comes to frozen treats. To make my cut, I tell my clients to look for products made from whole-based ingredients, ten grams of sugar or less, and natural deliciousness (no artificial sweeteners). Personally, I like Ruby Rocket’s Galaxy Green Pops. These pops tastes like a frozen green juice. These bars are clearly non dairy, contain no added sugar, and are only 35 calories, making this refreshing treat completely RD-approved in my book.” — Theresa Shank, registered dietitian at Philly Dietitian

Gone Berry Crazy!

Trader Joe’s dark-chocolate frozen strawberry pieces are the perfect summer treat. Find them here.

“My newest obsession is Trader Joe’s frozen dark chocolate covered strawberries. One serving is six pieces and only 100 calories, and it’s super satisfying!” — Liz Smith, registered dietitian with The Philly Nutritionists

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Here’s a chocolate PB2 banana ice cream recipe you can try. Photograph by iStock/Jasmina81

“I have some clients make their own shakes or frozen banana ice cream with almond milk, PB2, and sometimes a chocolate protein powder.” — Kelly Strogen, registered dietitian with Wayne Nutrition

Açaí Bowls

Photograph courtesy of SoBol Rittenhouse.

“[I like] açaí bowls — either homemade or from SoBol in Center City. They’re super refreshing and full of fresh fruits. If I make one at home, my go-to recipe is: blend one packet frozen açaí (Trader Joe’s carries at a great price), one frozen banana, one tablespoon natural peanut butter, and a quarter cup of almond milk in a blender. Top with granola, fresh berries, cacao nibs, and shredded coconut.” — Ivy Eliff, nutritionist with OnPoint Nutrition

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