This Philly Fitness Brand Designed Biodegradable Leggings

And they actually look good.

Photograph courtesy Aqua Vida.

While the concept of “biodegradable” and “leggings” may sound like a strange mix, the fact is that a lot of the clothes we wear will someday end up in a landfill. And if taking care of your health includes living in a healthy environment, then what happens to our clothes after we’re done with them should probably matter to us.

As part of their commitment to caring for the planet, Philly’s Aqua Vida — known for their stand-up paddle board classes — is now tackling the fitness clothing market with biodegradable leggings. The leggings are made of Amni Soul Eco, a yarn developed by the chemists at Solvay. This crazy yarn is what the scientists have labeled “intelligent yarn,” which means it’s not only biodegradable, it also has antibacterial benefits (so you don’t stink) and some UV protection (so you don’t get sun burned).

But, you’re wondering, how can these leggings be both biodegradable and sturdy enough to endure your sweat sessions? According to Solvay, the polyamide yarn will only start to break down surrounded by bacteria in a landfill environment — so unless you plan to wear them sleeping under a pile of garbage every night, you’re probably safe.

The good news is, once those leggings do get tossed into a landfill, they’ll be 50 percent dissolved in one year, totally gone in three.

Other than that, the leggings are much like any others: lightweight, stretchy, and quick dry (which is good for any spills off your paddle board), and built to last a long time. Plus, they’re pretty dang cute. Want to give them a try? Pick up a pair from Aqua Vida’s website for $68, or try the shorts version, for $48.

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