5 Healthy Pre-Packaged Snacks That’ll Make Packing Your Lunch Way Easier

Nutritionist-approved, grab-and-go foods.

Photograph by iStock/a_namenko

As a lunch-packer, I like nothing more than foods that are easy to grab-and-go — and while whole fruits are the ultimate in both easy and wholesome, it’s always good to have other healthy options on hand.

In my dream world, my pantry would be filled with packaged snacks that I know are good for me, so I never have to second-guess my choices. But since there are so many granola bars, packaged crackers, chips, and more, that are filled with not-so-great-for-you ingredients, we decided to ask some nutritionists: what do you pack as snacks?

Below, find five different, nutritionist-approved snacks that come pre-packaged for the easiest lunch packing ever.

Sargento Balanced Breaks

“For a lighter snack, and if I crave a bit of chocolate (who doesn’t at 3 p.m.?) I keep mini bags (100 cal) of cocoa-dusted almonds in my desk drawers. I get protein, fiber, and that chocolate flavor I’m after. If I know dinner will run late, or I’ve planned a workout before heading home after work, I need a sturdier snack. The Sargento Balanced Breaks are great, as they provide a nice high protein (7 grams) combo of salty and sweet flavors. I love the one with sharp cheddar, roasted almonds, and cranberries.” — Registered dietitian Amy von Sydow Green


“A staple in each of our desk drawers is an RxBar. We especially love the chocolate peanut butter or chocolate sea salt flavors, which satisfy our sweet tooth!  They are a great source of energy for an afternoon snack or pre-workout fuel as they have a healthy mix of carbs, fats, and protein. We also love that they are made with natural ingredients.  Fun fact: Heating them in the microwave for ten seconds makes them gooey and cookie-dough like!” — Registered dietitians Liz Smith and Melissa Bailey of Two Hungry Work Wives

100-Calorie Pistachio Packs

“I love 100-calorie packs of nuts, especially pistachios. They’re the perfect size for snacking and provide protein, healthy fat and fiber; all nutrients that are important when choosing a balanced snack.” — Registered dietitian Theresa Shank of Philly Dietitian

Justin’s Snack Packs

“I love Justin’s snack packs!  Their nut butters are to die for, and even better in a single serving, portable option. Justin’s snack packs include one of their traditional nut butters (almond or peanut) paired with pretzels or banana chips.  It’s the perfect mid afternoon snack when you’re craving something sweet and salty.” — Britney Kennedy, founder of OnPoint Nutrition

Happy Trekking Trail Mix

“M​y favorite packaged snack from Trader Joe’s is the “Happy Trekking​ Trail Mix.” I like this because I can get my sweet fix with some protein and healthy fats from the nuts. I normally will recommend a trail mix without the dried fruit and chocolate to my clients that are trying to lose weight or avoid high sugar/inflammatory foods. Trader Joe’s has nuts without dried fruit and chocolate that are similarly pre-portioned.” — Registered dietitian Sheena Pradhan of Nutritious Balance

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