The Checkup: Exactly How Many Seconds to Hold a Plank to See Results

Hint: It's shorter than you think.

• The plank — tough as it may be — is a godsend for toning out abdominals. But the length of time to hold a plank to see results can be a little difficult to pinpoint. NYC-based trainer Albert Matheny says that a good plank hold can range from 10 seconds (!!) to one minute, and trainers agree that a good 60 seconds seems to be the sweet spot. What matters more than the length of your plank is form. Moral of the story? Next time anyone tells you to plank for three minutes straight, refer them to this post. [Women’s Health]

• Aside from tasting freakin’ delicious, hard ciders actually pack some health benefits, too! The tannins from the apple skin are full of antioxidants. So, drink up, friends! (Well, in moderation, of course.) [Well + Good]

• More proof that a detox doesn’t necessarily have to be a two-week-long period of only consuming  fresh-pressed juice (oh, and water): Here are five easy ways to detox every single day. Hint: You’re probably already doing at least one of the things on the list! [MindBodyGreen]

• Since you’ll likely be meal prepping at some point this weekend, and because your freezer is probably always stocked with chicken, keep these 13 chicken recipes — which need require five ingredients or less to throw together — in mind. [SELF]

• In amazing (potential) world news, France is thinking about making street harassment (AKA catcalling) illegal. French creeps may soon get hit with a hefty fine for their unwanted/uncalled for/rude remarks. America next? (A gal can hope, right?) [Men’s Health]

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