Here’s Exactly How Long to Dunk an Oreo in Milk, According to Science

You should probably conduct your own experiment, too. You know, just to make sure they're right.

Attention, attention! The answer to one of the most pressing questions of all time — that is, how long should one dunk an oreo for the best possible bite? — has finally been discovered. That question, which we have surely all pondered at least once, was taken to the lab by a group of mechanical engineers at Utah State University who felt it was their destiny to determine the prime dunking time for an Oreo to be best devoured.

As Grub Street reports, the researchers discovered that the “peak time” to dunk an Oreo in milk is — drumroll, please — for four seconds. They found that the cookie will soak up 50 percent of the fluid in the first second it hits the milk, and by the fourth second, the Oreo has reached “maximum absorption,” and should be consumed. And because it’s Thirsty Thursday, and a glass of almond milk is less guilty-inducing than a margarita, we say treat yo’self. Happy dunking!

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