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All the Cookies You Should Be Eating in Philly Right Now

When is the wrong time for a cookie? Never. But our cravings kick into high gear in the summer when we have picnics and beach […]

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New York City’s “Best Cookie” Comes From Philly

Non-Philadelphians tend to talk about Philly in terms of its relation to New York. They say that that it’s the “sixth borough” and write articles about […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Where to Get Customized Cookies for Your Wedding in Philly

At the risk of setting off your sweet tooth (we apologize in advance), our topic of conversation for today is cookies. Here at PW, we’re […]

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Here’s Exactly How Long to Dunk an Oreo in Milk, According to Science

Attention, attention! The answer to one of the most pressing questions of all time — that is, how long should one dunk an oreo for the […]

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Because Mondays Are Hard: Snap Kitchen Is Handing Out Free Cookies 

Mondays are hard. But they’re a littttle bit less hard when free cookies are involved. And today just happens to be one of those free […]

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Noooooooo: FDA Says You Really, Really Shouldn’t Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Raw cookie dough enthusiasts, listen up: Next time you’re baking any sort of delectable treat, think twice before licking your fingers clean as it could […]


Insomnia Cookies Adding Storefronts to Drexel and Temple’s Campuses

Insomnia Cookies has been feeding college students cookies and even cold milk since 2003. Starting out as a food truck, they now have locations in […]

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Weekend Baking: 10 Healthy Cookies You Can Actually Feel Good About Eating

If your favorite way to relax is to go bananas in the kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. Spend some of your “you” time […]

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Cookie Swap: 20 Delicious Holiday Cookie Recipes for Every Diet

If you’re staring down a cookie swap this weekend and have no clue what to bring, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re aiming […]

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Make: 100-Calorie Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

I’ve read before that having something sweet with your healthy breakfast helps with cravings and weight loss. That’s why I’ve made a habit of eating […]


Cool Off With a Cookies & Cream Shake from Jake’s Sandwich Board

We’re kind of suckers for cookies and cream ice cream and after just returning from the sultry outdoors, the photo of this cookies and cream […]


Whipped Bakeshop Is Bacon to Our Eggs

Whipped Bakeshop is ready for Valentine’s Day with these “You’re Bacon to My Eggs” cookies and a host of other fun cookies – Etsy


Six Pack: Some of Our Favorite Cookies in Philadelphia

Okay, Philly, we get it: you love cupcakes. But what about giving the original handy-dandy on-the-go dessert some love? That’s right, we’re talking about cookies. […]


10-9-8-76ers Cookies

In support of the Sixers as they host the stinking Boston Celtics in Round two of the NBA Playoffs, Philadelphia favorite Whipped Bakeshop is selling […]


Insomnia Cookies Opens Today in Center City

We just swung by the new Center City location of Insomnia Cookies at 108 South 16th Street and spoke with an employee out front who […]