This Salad-Making Vending Machine Is Every Office Worker’s Dream Come True

Put this on your wish list, office workers.

Earlier today, I had a lunchtime crisis: My stomach was growling and I really wanted my go-to Sweetgreen salad for lunch, but I was in too much of a time crunch (I had a meeting starting just a few minutes after that first audible growl) to risk having to wait in the sometimes-epic Sweetgreen line. So, instead of getting what I wanted, I got what was quick and convenient: A box of fancy cheese and crackers from Talula’s Daily, right across the street from our offices. (I regret nothing, but I can honestly say there was nothing nourishing about that lunch.)

But Fast Company just alerted us to a new invention that could eliminate the wait for a gourmet lunch salad: A salad-making vending machine-like invention that allows you to order customizable salads from your office kitchen. Say it with us: Yaaaassssssss.

The machine, called the Sally and created by a company called Chowbotics, can prepare any of thousands of possible salad combos in under 60 seconds. You choose your ingredients, place a bowl in the designated spot, like a coffee machine, and wait for your customized salad to be dispensed. (The ingredients for the salads are chopped by humans beforehand — it’s not quite that genius.) Recipes in the machine — think: a salad dressing made with green tea and coconut, designed to energize worn-out desk jockeys — are designed by ex-Google chef Charlie Ayers.

Right now, the Sally being piloted in some offices with fewer than 500 employees, but, as Fast Company reports, “By September or October, it plans to scale-up to mass deployment. In addition offices and cafes, the company plans to sell to hotels, where the robot could provide a healthier late-night alternative to room service, airports and convenience stores or groceries where packaged salads might sit on the shelf for days.” The creators of the Sally also say chains like Sweetgreen may be able to use the Robot salad-making whiz to reduce lines. If you don’t want to wait for a human to make your salad, just head to the in-store robot.

Soooo … go ahead and forward this post to your boss and tell them to keep their eyes peeled. If you’re anything like us, you’re hoping one of these appears in your office kitchen come fall.

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