The Checkup: The Unexpected Side Effect of This Common Yoga Pose

And other healthy tips for your weekend.

• We all know yoga can double as therapy, but what you might not know is this: There’s one pose in particular that is known to be the king of all kings when it comes to emotional-release poses (read: poses that bring on the water works). That pose, my friends, is fire log pose. So next time you’re in need of a good cry, just hop on your mat. [Well + Good]

• Soooooo, should you be buying organic or not? Here, experts break it down. [TIME]

• There’s a new DNA-testing company in the market. Why? So they can prescribe the perfect diet and gym regimen based on your genes. [Women’s Health]

• In need of a good laugh? Here, the 10 funniest words, according to science. And yes, “tinkle” did make the cut. [Science of Us]

• You definitely need some rest days worked into your gym routine, but a rest day isn’t an excuse to not get out of bed at all all day. Here, read what your rest days should really look like. [Shape]

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