The Checkup: What You Need to Know About Tipping for Wellness Services

And other wellness tips for a healthy Wednesday.

• Tipping a restaurant server is usually pretty simple: the standard is 20 percent. But what about tipping for wellness services? Here’s your cheat sheet on how much you should tip for wellness services, according to people who work in the industry. [Well+Good]

• Drink up, coffee fiends. Studies show that your morning buzz could be giving your life some extra years. [CNN]

• Attention yogis: Here’s why you should incorporate a blanket into your yoga practice. And no, it’s not so you can turn Savasana into a nap. [Greatist]

• Yes, you can in fact whip up a healthy recipe without spending an arm and a leg at Whole Foods. Here are three healthy, cheaper-than-McDonald’s dinners you can make tonight. [MindBodyGreen]

• Turns out the past election is causing more than just a polarized political scene. Here’s how the 2016 election is affecting your health — and we’re not just talking about healthcare policies. [Science of Us]

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